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Selling Your Home

Call Casey at 615-477-3484 to schedule a brief visit to your home to evaluate sellability, market conditions, market value, staging, pricing and bottom line net expectations from the sale.  We'll go over what you can expect from us as your agents when it comes to marketing and communication with you throughout the selling processs.  For a brief overview of what we focus on to market your home and why, read the outline below, then give Casey Baird a call at 615-477-3484 today to get started.

Why list your home with us?

  1. Experience 30+ years combined experience
  2. Reputation - Nothing but 5 star reviews
  3. Marketing - Focussed & Effective Marketing
  4. Professional Systems - Showing and feedback center
  5. Reputable Company - Benchmark Realty is an award winning company with over 800+ agents

1. Experience - 30+ years

We have 30+ years combined experience representing home buyers and sellers in middle TN.  We have closed more homes in the past few years than most real estate agents close in their entire career.  There isn't much we haven't seen or experienced.  There aren't many areas we haven't seen or shown and there aren't many situations we haven't dealt with.  We would love to put our experience to work for you.

2. Reputation - 5 star service

We maintain a flawless reputation and work with the goal of getting great reviews and referrals from you.  Our business thrives on referrals and we know that great service with bring more business.  Not to mention we very much love what we do and get great joy from the service we provide to our clients.

3. Marketing - Focussed & Effective

Every year we purchase the published study done by the National Association of Realtors which surveys tens of thousands of home buyers and sellers across the country.  This study shows us where home buyers are looking, how they are looking and what they are looking for when searching for a home.  It shows us what tools they use, what media they look for, how they start their search, what they find useful when searching and how they found the home they purchased.  Just like any large advertising firm would do, we use this data as our marketing focus to market your home to potential home buyers.  According to the latest survey, the top information sources all home buyers used in their search are online websites, a real estate agent, mobile phone or tablet app, yard signs and online video virtual tour sites.  The frequecy of other sources like newspaper ads, home builders, home books/magazines, billboards, television and relocation companies go way down in frequency after virtural tour or video sites because those sources have now become out dated and frankly not updated in real time like the more popular sources.  In 2016 an all time high of 95% of all buyers used an online website to search for homes, 92% of all home buyers used the help of a real estate agent, 72% of all home buyers used a mobile phone or tablet search app, 49% of all home buyers used info from a yard sign and 36% of all home buyers used virtual tour or video sites.  When it comes to rating the usefulness of the information from sources, 99% of buyers found online websites very or somewhat useful, 97% of home buyers found the help of a real estate agent very or somewhat useful, 98% of home buyers found mobile apps very or somewhat useful,  95% of home buyers found video/virtual tour sites very to somewhat useful and 92% of home buyers found the yard sign to be very to somewhat useful.  In 2016, the 3 main sources where home buyers found their home were the internet, their agent or the yard sign covering 93% of all home buyers with ALL other sources in the remaining 7% such as word of mouth from sellers, friends, relatives, neighbors, newspaper, magazines, etc.  What does all of this tell us?  This tells us to focus on great online exposure with photos and video tour along with detailed information about the listing as well as providing easy access to call us, the agents, to provide information.  It also tells us we need to have a yard sign on the listing with our direct lines on the sign so interested buyers that drive by can easily get information about the listing by inquiring direct to us, the agents.  It's as simple as that when it comes to the marketing focus to cover 93% of all buyers.  The other left over percentage will come from word of mouth when the listing marketing starts which we can start right away with a coming soon sign.

Great online exposure!

According to the National Association of Realtors:
95% of all home buyers used the Internet in their search for a home in 2016 which is an all time high after holding steady at 92% since 2013.
99 out of every 100 home buyers in 2016 found the internet a useful information source in their home search process.  This shows the power of online advertising apposed to the newspaper and open house which are the ways of the past.  Only 1 out of every 100 home buyers found the house they purchased thru the newspaper, home book or print ad.  In 2016, 34% of buyers said they found the home they purchased through an agent, 51% found it online, 8% found it by the yard sign, 4% thru a relative, friend or neighbor, 2% through a home builder or the builder's agent, 1% knew the sellers and purchased direct from them, 1% thru a newspaper, home book or print ad.  These are stats direct from the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers book.  The National Association of Realtors does this survey every year and publishes the stats from the survey every year.


The internet is THE most widely used source of information used by home buyers when searching for their next home.

Your listing will be posted on our website with as many photos needed to show every selling feature of your home.  Approximately 2 to 4 photos of each room, several photos of the exterior from multiple angles, close up photos of fixtures, appliances or other selling features.

We post your listing on , local MLS), our website and syndicate it to the many popular real estate search sites online. and the local MLS are the two most used websites by buyers.  We purchase enhanced listings on so we can post more photos of your listing, include the video/virtual tour on the listing as well as add extra description to the listing so that it stands out from the rest.  The enhanced listing also puts our direct contat information on the listing so potential buyers can call us directly for information.  We also use a listing syndication service to send your listing out to many specialty real estate search destinations giving your listing national and world wide exposure.

Photos sell and buyers want to see them.  According to the 2016 survey, buyers value photos the most when looking at homes online.  Buyers rated photos at 99% when asked to value features of a website when looking at homes online.  We post the maximum number of photos allowed on the MLS and  Other sites allow for as many photos as we want or need to upload so we post many extras of each room and feature of the house on those sites.

Again, approximately 99% of home buyers found the internet a useful source of information in their home search according to the 2016 survey of home buyers.  51% of home buyers say they found the home they purchased through searching online.  Online advertising is our TOP focus through the MLS,, syndicating to other website, maximizing high quality photos and video tours and making sure that it's easy for potential buyers to inquire direct to us, your listing agent.

The Agent

The real estate professional is the 2nd most used source of information for home buyers or buyer agents when searching for a home.  We list our mobile phone numbers on ALL advertisements so that ALL potential buyers may call us directly to inquire about your listing.  We answer all calls between 8am and 8pm central time M-Sat and 12-8pm on Sunday.  If we are not able to answer immediately when we are with, it's our goal to return calls within one hour.  Go ahead, give a call.  Call Casey Baird at 615-477-3484.

We also use a service to email market your new listing to agents via email.  This service sends and e-flyer to agents in our MLS area giving them a heads up on your listing with photos for them to view in the email.

We also have a very team oriented environment throughout our company of 5 offices and over 800 agents in middle Tennessee.

Approximately 97% of home buyers found their agent a useful source of information in their home search according to the 2016 survey of home buyers. 34% of home buyers say their agent found the home they purchased.  We want to make sure we put your listing in the hands of as many Realtors out there as we can as quickly as we can.

Yard Sign

The yard sign is the 3rd most used information resource used in their home search.   Our yard sign includes our office number and mobile phone so prospective buyers can call us to inquire about the home.  We realize that some sellers don't want to have a yard sign and we respect that if asked not to install a sign, but we highly recommend it.

Approximately 92% of buyers say the yard sign was a useful source of information in their home search according to the 2016 NAR survey of home buyers.  8% of home buyers say the yard sign is where they found the home they purchased.

4. Professional Systems - 

Our showing appointment center is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and make showing appointment calls to you from 8am to 8pm or hours that we set for you with them upon your request.  The benefit to you is that buyers or buyer agents who want to set up a showing for your listing have the ability to set up showings when needed, especially on weekends and evenings when most offices are closed.  Again, we can specify the hours for the showing desk to contact you in the showing instructions if you have special needs on showing times or are a day sleeper with night shift work hours.

Showing App access allows you to get showing requests direct to your smartphone, approve showings with the touch of a button and get real time feedback.  If you have an emergency you can easily reschedule an upcoming showing on the app as well.  It's a handy tool in a fast pace market.

Feedback requests are sent out from your showing center to get feedback for you from every showing.  You are emailed right away when feedback is submitted as well as weekly reports of all showings and feedback submitted by showing agents.

SentriLock boxes we use are secure and are used to keep you safe instead of the general combo lock boxes.  The SentriLock box is only able to be opened from 8am to 9pm.  Each access is recorded online.  Most agents in this area have key cards or apps for these boxes and have to use their personal pin number to access the box which tells us the time and date and who made the box access.  If an agent does not have a keycard or app, our showing center verifies they are truly and agent on the MLS roster before generating a code that only lasts until 9pm that day the access is requested.  This is a much safer and controlled way to put key access on your home without imparing any showing access to your listing.

5. Reputable Real Estate Company

Benchmark Realty LLC has 5 offices in middle Tennessee with over 800 agents and has won many awards.  The local networking power of our agent count is a great advantage to you as a seller.  Out of the thousands of real estate firms in the United States, our locally owned and operated company ranks 87th in the entire nation.  That's huge compared to the size and numbers of some of the national name companies.  This shows that our company is closing enough locally to compete on a national level.

Our showing center is there to take calls to set up showings for your listing 7 days a week 24 hours a day so we never miss a request for a showing.


The sources above are our focus and here's why.  The above sources cover over 93% of allhome buyers and maybe close to 100% with overlap between the different sources.  According to the NAR survey, the remaining 7% of home buyers found the home they purchased thru a friend, family member or neighbor, print ads or tv, direct thru a builder or builder agent or knew the seller and purchased direct from them.

It's all about "Effective" marketing to get more buyers thru your front door.  We focus our ad budget toward the most effective advertising media, which is the media that buyers are using and find useful to find the homes they purchase.  It doesn't make sense to spend heavy on ineffective outdated media that buyers are not using nor find useful.  It only makes sense to focus heavy on the media sources buyers say they use, say they find useful and say it's where they found the home they purchased.

Stats quoted above come from the annually published Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers book.  The National Association of Realtors does this survey every year and publishes the survey results in this book.